June - Electrical Safety and Swimming : What's Happening
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June - Electrical Safety and Swimming

by Carol Wischmeyer on 06/14/16

Although May was National Electrical Safety Month, certainly each month should have safety in mind.  Therefore, I am following up my May safety suggestions with an additional safety article on swimming and electrical shocks for June.   Families are heading on vacation and there is nothing more refreshing in this hot weather than a day at the pool or lake for swimming and water sports.  The Kids are happy and that makes for an enjoyable outing and we want to keep it that way.  Below are some reminders and suggestions regarding electrical safety around pools and lakes, and these recommendations apply to hot tubs also.

There are plenty of sources of electricity around these areas that can cause electrical shock such as pool lights, pump equipment, power cords, or other electrical items, even overhead power lines.  If you ever feel a shock or tingling sensation while in the water move away from the area (exit the same way you entered the area) and get out of the water if possible.  However do not use a metal ladder.

If you see others moving away and a motionless swimmer in the area it is cause for concern and you should also move away. Immediately turn off all power sources and call 911.  Trying to rescue someone being shocked in the water is very dangerous unless all sources of power have been shut off.  The rescuer will likely become a victim if all power sources are not accessed and it is confirmed that water is no longer a danger.  Some recommendations from the american Red Cross are as follows:

Use a fiberglass Shepherd's crook/rescue hook to reach the victim and make sure you are braced.  Use the loop to encircle the victim's body if necessary to pull them to the edge.  Make sure they are face up. Carefully remove them from the water and position them on their back. Check if they are breathing; if not, give two rescue breaths.  Check for circulation, breathing, coughing or movement.  If there are no signs, begin CPR.  

Swimming in a lake, near a boat, or dock has its own hazards.  Always obey no swimming signs and do not swim near docks or marinas.  For more information on safety in these areas visit:



CSE Electric, LLC hopes that all of you have a safe and enjoyable summer. Remember the best way to protect your home and family is to have a licensed electrician inspect and perform all work on your home or business.  

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